Admit it: you’ve been had at some point in the past, have not you?

You believed what you had been watching on reality television was one hundred% genuine, only to later learn the devastating truth.

We’ve all been there. And now we can all be right here: relive the most shocking reality Tv show hoaxes in history under…

1. Dance Moms

Dance Moms

We’ll just let Maddie Ziegler, arguably the show’s best performer, lay it proper out for you, courtesy of an interview with USA These days: “The producers set it up to make us all yell at each and every other. You know how I mentioned that moms do fight? The moms have a fake fight often. Afterward they just begin talking and laugh about it.” Host Abby Lee Miller truly does suck, however. that is not fake.

two. Property Hunters

House Hunters

Bobi Jensen blogged in 2012, on a website titled “Hooked on Homes,” that her knowledge on Property Hunter was entirely contrived. Turns out, the couple had chosen its property prior to appearing on the show and producers even changed Jensen’s story more than why she was moving.

three. Breaking Amish

Breaking Amish

Can we alter the title of this TLC series to “Getting Currently Broken Amish?” After the very 1st episode aired, it came out that most participants had currently left their Amish loved ones for the bright lights of the huge city.

4. Storage Wars

Storage Wars

Dave Hester, a prominent presence on A&ampE’s Storage Wars, left production and sued the network over the phony aspects of the show. He stated producers loaded units up with products to give each episode an artificial angle and that they even funneled income to teams to hold every episode’s bidding competitive.

five. Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures star Aaron Goodwin was fired in 2014 right after he stopped by the podcast Are We Alone and explained how the network staged reactions, sound effects and other aspects of the plan. He mentioned it was “sickening” that he was element of such a “fraud.”

6. The Hills

The Hills

Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner and other cast members have come out and stated pretty much every little thing you saw on this MTV reality show as scripted. Shocking, we know!

7. Dinner: Impossible

Dinner: Impossible

Robert Irvine was the star of Dinner: Impossible on the Meals Network… until it came out that he lied about such life events as producing a wedding cake for Prince Charles and Princess Di. He was pulled off the show, but later brought back by Food Network to take component in different programs.

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13 Reality Television Hoaxes You Entirely Fell For
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