Men and women can be so mean sometimes.

Specifically on Twitter. Specifically when talking about celebrities.

More than the years, Jimmy Kimmel has convinced numerous stars from a variety of industries to seem on his speak show and study mean Tweets about themselves.

As you can see beneath, no celebrity has been off limits. As you can also see below, the outcome shave been hilarious:

1. Oh Yeah, Donald?!?

Oh Yeah, Donald?!?

Barack Obama reads a mean Tweet right here on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And, hey, appear who wrote it!

2. Suck It, Dwayne Johnson?!?

Suck It, Dwayne Johnson?!?

Who tells Dwayne Johnson to go suck it? Who does not totally love Dwayne Johnson?!?

3. The Next Caitlyn Jenner?

The Next Caitlyn Jenner?

No, Bette Midler does not really have a penis. But she’s not offended if you think she does.

four. Sad Liam Neeson

Sad Liam Neeson

This Tweeter has produced Liam Neeson cry. We assume Liam Neeson will now go uncover this individual and kill him or her.

five. Jeff Bridges is a Hobo!

Jeff Bridges is a Hobo!

And not a funny hobo, either, apparently. A truly disturbing, scary hobo.

6. Wait, What About Kristen Bell’s Vagina?!?

Wait, What About Kristen Bell's Vagina?!?

We have no thought why anyone would dislike Kristen Bell, but at least this is an original insult.

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