Almost a month ago, on Might 22, gunmen went into La Madame, a gay club in Xalpa, Veracruz, and opened fire, killing seven and injuring 12 in a crowd of about 180 people. 

Witnesses stated that there was a fight in the bar about an hour before, but no evidence has been discovered. The secretary of public safety stated that the incident was associated to a territorial fight more than drug sales, but LGBT+ activists feel otherwise. 

“The reality is, attackers fired their weapons randomly at customers inside ‘La Madame’ a gay friendly nightclub,” stated 1 report in the Yucatan Instances. 

Although the Caribbean and Latin America have created several strides more than the years for LGBT rights, and Mexico is ahead of the U.S. on specific issues (gay marriage was legalized in 2009, gay guys can donate blood, and there are laws across the nation that forbid employment discrimination primarily based on gender identity or sexual orientation), violent homophobia remains a huge issue.

According to the Inter-American Comission on Human Rights, practically 600 LGBT individuals have been killed over a fifteen month period, and 176 were injured in 25 nations of the Organization of American States. Producing matters worse, in 2012, 98 % of homicides went unsolved in Mexico.

In addition, a report by the Latin And Caribbean Transgender Network and the International AIDS Alliance located that about 80 percent of transgender activists in Latin America mentioned they had been physically attacked.

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A Month Prior to Pulse Tragedy, Gunmen Killed Seven in Mexican Gay Bar Attack
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