UPDATE: Although the investigation is still ongoing, police claim the incident is likely a hoax and the outcome of a hack. Sgt. Warren Pickard told WSB Radio, “At this point we do think his account was hacked. We do have some credible leads.” Nevertheless, as Project Q reports, police have yet to comment on tweets from April on Edgerton’s account that claimed he “will terrorize the gays in Atlanta.”

An Atlanta man is at present getting investigated right after tweeting that he could make two nearby gays bars into “the subsequent Orlando.”

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The GA Voice reports that Brett Edgerton, a gay man, wrote: “TEN or Blake’s could be the subsequent Orlando. You believe I am the variety to be the subsequent ‘shooter’? Hold hating me then…”

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A prior tweet simply mentioned, “You are all dead to me,” and his Twitter account’s headline (handle @BrettTEdgerton) study: “I will be the last person you will see.”


The account has now been taken down, but hundreds of folks in the Atlanta neighborhood shared his tweets on Tuesday ahead of the police eventually got involved.

Edgerton has yet to be changed with any crime, but the investigation is ongoing.


Atlanta Man Says He’ll Turn Two Local Gay Bars Into “The Next Orlando”
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