Bill Maher was castigated by liberals when he announced that he would host Milo Yiannopoulos, the alt-appropriate troll identified for spreading hate speech, on his HBO show. Critics who watched the Friday evening episode identified Maher a little too friendly with the Breitbart editor, who was permitted to spew his toxic trash against minorities and women Maher topped off his kid-glove remedy of Yiannopoulos by calling him a “fag” on national Tv. 

Now that a tape has emerged of Yiannopoulos defending pedophilia, he’s been forced to leave his position at Breitbart, lost his book deal with Simon &amp Schuster, and saw his invitation to headline the Conservative Political Action Conference rescinded. Maher is claiming the troll’s swift downfall is all because he hosted him on his show. Not fairly.

When Yiannopoulos was very first booked on Maher’s show, Intercept journalist Jeremy Scahill, who was also scheduled to seem on the very same episode, withdrew himself from the program, citing that there is no cause to give Yiannopoulos more focus. Maher responded to Scahill’s rejection and stated, “If Mr. Yiannopoulos is certainly the monster Scahill claims — and he may be — nothing could serve the liberal result in much better than obtaining him exposed on Friday evening.” He wasn’t exposed he was celebrated.

As shameful as Maher’s behavior was on Friday night, his reaction to what came after is even worse.

Maher spoke to The New York Occasions on Wednesday about Milo’s extremely negative week, saying, “Sunlight is the ideal disinfectant. You’re welcome.” A reporter then asked him if he thought it was Yiannopoulos’s look on his show that ended his profession, and he said, “That’s what I’m saying.” 

When Yiannopoulos appeared on his show, Maher did not appropriate him when said transgender men and women have a “psychiatric disorder” and he agreed with the former Breitbart editor when he stated he was frightened for young children to be in the same restroom as transgender people. Ironic.  

When asked about this by the Occasions, Maher defended his position. “When I say, ‘That’s not unreasonable’ [to not want to share a bathroom with a transgender person] it is simply because females have mentioned that to me: ‘I want to know,’ or ‘I’m not comfy with someone in the bathroom, even if they, in their minds, have decided they are a woman.’ Doesn’t that opinion count at all?” Maher told the Occasions.

“I like individuals who push the limits. I like people who are not afraid to take the slings and arrows, since they’re going to discover what’s on the edge. Now, is this guy over the edge? Yes. I mean, he’s a small cuckoo. But I would rather err on that side than on the side where everyone else is,” Maher told the paper.

Yiannopoulos also created “jokes” about gay individuals on the show, saying he never hires them simply because they are often on drugs and thus late to function. Maher told Yiannopoulos that he couldn’t recognize why liberals got so worked up about him simply because he is just a “tiny, British, impish fag.” Like most LGBT Americans, we missed the memo exactly where it became ok for straight folks to casually use gay slurs. 

Maher continued to defend his actions, saying, “No matter what I did, it was never ever going to be sufficient for that slice of liberalism that would significantly rather judge a friend than engage an enemy, since it is simpler.”

But Maher did not actually engage Yiannopoulos he laughed with him, joked that trans men and women are “weirdos,” and even known as Yiannopoulos a “young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens (the legendary British writer and wit).” None of that is commendable.

The truth is Maher did absolutely nothing to bring about Yiannopoulos’s downfall, except perhaps piss someone off enough to release the pedophilia tape. That was not Maher’s intention, regardless of what he says now to justify his decision to book him and then play footsy with the racist woman-hater for 60 minutes.

Bill Maher Still Doesn’t Get It
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