CNN reports that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen and his wife Noor Salman exchanged text messages back and forth whilst he was in the act of massacring attendees at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub.

According to law officials, he texted Salman although holed up in a club bathroom about 4am, roughly two hours following the attack started.

In the text, he reportedly asked her if she’d observed the news.

Salman allegedly responded with a text that said she loved him, and also tried to get in touch with Mateen a handful of instances for the duration of his standoff with police.

She referred to as him following reports of the attack have been popping up, apparently realizing then that it may possibly be her husband behind the carnage.

According to officials, he didn’t answer. We’ll update as far more specifics emerge.


BREAKING: Sources Claim Orlando Shooter Texted Wife For the duration of Attack
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