Two British police officers popped the query during the London Pride parade Saturday. Images from @metpoliceuk and ITV News through Facebook

That vote by Britons to leave the European Union got you down? Do not be concerned, ol’ chap. Here’s some awesome English Pride adore sure to cheer you up, mate!

With tens of thousands of individuals watching, a squad of British police officers marching in the London Pride parade abruptly stopped Saturday, and 1 of the constables ducked out of the formation.

As you can see under in the video posted to Facebook by ITV News, the bobby walked more than to the partition where his boyfriend stood among the crowd watching the parade, got down on a single knee, and proposed.

Photographs of the happy moment spread all over Twitter more quickly than rhubarb flavoured jam from Yorkshire.

Just minutes later, yet another gay bobby popped the query to his partner, a fellow officer. The photo posted by the MET LGBT Network stated merely, “He stated yes also.”

Here’s video of that proposal shared on Twitter:


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