The faces of beauty brands are usually reserved for classic superstars — actresses, pop stars, and models. Badass author and feminist Chimamanda Adichie is a single of the exceptions as the ambassador for No. 7. It could not appear like a big deal because it is makeup, but to have a dark-skinned author who is not uber well-known representing beauty for an international organization is a step in the appropriate path toward a much more inclusive beauty business. Adichie has some intriguing thoughts on makeup, women caring about their appearance, and beauty standards for young girls.

The Americanah author told Racked 1 of the factors she said yes to No. 7 in spite of her initial apprehension was because she wants individuals to know females who enjoy makeup can also talk intelligently about far more severe topics. “But I believe in the larger sense I wanted to be portion of the message that girls who like makeup also have essential and significant issues that they’re performing in their lives,” she said. “And that those can co-exist, that women are a multiplicity of things. I believe it is time to genuinely cease that ridiculous thought that somehow if you are a significant lady you can not and need to not care about how you appear.”

Females know this any person with a brain knows this, really.

A woman who spends excessive hours on YouTube attempting to master the excellent brow can also be nicely-versed in climate alter or international policy. The two are not mutually exclusive due to the fact girls contain a multitude of layers. Sadly, there are nevertheless imbeciles who think a woman enjoying makeup is superficial and shallow.

Adichie said she knowledgeable firsthand not being taken seriously since she cared about her appearance. “When I moved to the U.S. and I was publishing my 1st novel, I had swiftly realized that for a woman to be taken seriously and to be noticed as a ‘serious intellectual person’ she couldn’t possibly appear as although she cared a lot about her look.” I’m willing to bet any amount of cash that only guys believe this way.

Adichie obviously rejected such silliness. “I consider that for a even though I just believed that I couldn’t possibly put on the lipstick I wanted to wear because I felt that I would be judged,” she told Racked. “I consider that changed just with obtaining older, acquiring far more comfy in my personal skin, and realizing that life is so damn quick. There is just no point in living life primarily based on what you think about men and women expect.”

Adichie also talked about the sadness she feels for dark-skinned girls who don’t “come to peace” with their skin tone until later in life. She supports Alicia Keys’s no makeup movement, but stated it wouldn’t be for her since she loves wearing lipstick. And, she had some thoughts on the sexism that framed Hillary Clinton’s image.

By far the greatest takeaway are her thoughts on moralizing makeup in a way that does not take place with traditionally masculine factors. She says:

“As I mourn, and for me the election outcome is a case for mourning, I nonetheless want to know what moisturizer will maintain my winter skin from being too dry. One of the issues that I think is critical is that we shouldn’t moralize makeup. I locate that in several cultures there’s almost a moral thing about makeup and look for women. I believe we just require to get away from it. And also the notion that for guys the items that are regarded as traditionally masculine are not factors that our culture dismisses as frivolous. I want I had a actual answer but I don’t. I don’t think males who write about sports — and I’m making use of an instance that our culture considers traditionally masculine — would necessarily be worried about appearing frivolous. Issues that are traditionally masculine sort of have this patina of seriousness even when they’re not, in a way that makeup and fashion don’t. And I discover myself questioning that far more and a lot more.”

And this is why No. 7 is lucky to have her as the face of its brand. Relatable, fairly, intelligent, and a fierce champion for females.

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Chimamanda Adichie desires you to know girls can love makeup and nevertheless be serious
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