Two males claim they are the victims of an unprovoked hate crime that occurred over Folsom weekend in San Francisco.

Neil Frias and Jeff White have been going to from New York for the weekend when they say they were pepper sprayed by a gang of assailants merely for no reason other than they are gay.

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“I’m attempting to make sense of it,” Frias told the press on Sunday. “I would feel what occurred last night would come about someplace else, not right here.”

The alleged attack occurred around 9 p.m. final Saturday night outside a McDonald’s not far from exactly where the festival was being held. Frais says he and White have been leaving the restaurant when five guys pulled up in a blue minivan and shouted, “You fags are destroying loved ones values!”

“I stated I didn’t want any difficulty, and a single of them got out of the van,” Frais recalls. “I believed he was going to take a swing at me, but he sprayed me across the face.”

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A second man then jumped out and sprayed him again, even though a third assailant went after White, who dropped to the ground and curled up in a ball to safeguard his face.

“I was totally vulnerable,” Frais, who became temporarily blinded, mentioned. “I believed they have been going to commence beating me.”

It wasn’t until a lady nearby told the attackers she was calling the police that the mob got back into the minivan and sped off. Police and paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and the guys returned safely to their hotel.

A spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department said they are at the moment looking for surveillance video that may have captured the incident.

“We take these crimes quite seriously,” mentioned Officer Carlos Manfredi. “If anyone feels they can attack a person based on their sexual preference, we’re going to go following them and hold them accountable.”

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As for Frais and White, they refused to let the incident prevent them from enjoying the rest of their weekend. By Sunday, they had recovered from the pepper spray and have been geared up to hit the fair.

“I’m mad that I didn’t get to go out final evening,” White said. “It’s Saturday evening in San Francisco Folsom week!”

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Couple Says They Had been Attacked With Pepper Spray At Folsom Street Fair Just For Being Gay
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