A lot more excellent news from the country’s incoming clown car: Donald’s transition team has nearly no partnership with science, and leans heavily on crazy fake research to justify their anti-gay bigotry. So, this ought to be a fun 4 years.

For example, they’ve got Ken Blackwell advising the transition team on domestic policy — he’s a senior fellow at the Household Study Council, an organization notorious for making up details and publishing junk science. There’s also Crucial Cole James, who is in charge of the team’s budget — they’re a former vice president of the FRC. Betsy DeVos (education) and Ken Klukowski (constitutional rights) have also been tied up with the FRC.

A variety of other figures have spoken at FRC events, such as Reince Preibus and Mike Pompeo. And let’s not overlook Mike Pence, who used his power in congress to encourage the jailing and execution of queers in other nations.

And what’s so negative about the FRC, you may well ask? Effectively, for years now, they’ve been manipulating phony research and fabricating final results to make it look like gays die young and molest little ones. Amongst their tactics is citing groups like The American College of Pediatricians, which sounds reputable but is really just a little club started by a couple of friends so that they could spout artificial information whilst sounding like actual researchers.

So now these men and women are going to be crawling all over the White Residence, inserting their phony information into actual government policy.

Deep breaths, every person deep breaths.


Donald’s Transition Group Is Utterly Committed To Antigay Pseudoscience
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