Come on, Forever 21. Shape up!

The clothes manufacturer, which has a history of generating questionable decisions, has issued an apology and ended the sales of a certain T-shirt line aimed at young boys.

And centered around their view of young women. 

Scroll down to find out much more and to shake your head over how these shirts ever came to exist…

1. Initial, A History Lesson…

First, A History Lesson...

Earlier in 2016, Forever 21 got in understandable trouble for actually printing a shirt that study “Never Say Maybe If You Want to Say No.” You’d feel it would have learned its lesson, right?

2. But, Nope, No Lesson Learned Here!

But, Nope, No Lesson Learned Here!

The brand has gone ahead and released a slew of T-shirts for boys, all of which are sexually suggestive and all of which simply enforce gender stereotypes.

3. Chicks? Get It?!?

Chicks? Get It?!?

Sigh. Yes. We get it. And we never like it. “It is fully inappropriate for companies to sell these shirts to young boys,” University of Kentucky professor of psychology and author Christia Spears Brown has mentioned. “Even I am fairly shocked by those, and tiny shocks me these days.”

four. Preach!


Continues Spears Brown: “It sexualizes young children at an age when they must not be sexualized. It reinforces a harmful stereotype about boys that says their value and worth is dependent on how a lot of girls or ladies they can ‘conquer.'”

five. This Kid Only Dates Models

This Kid Only Dates Models

The only models he ought to be concerned with involve airplanes and maybe trains.

six. Our Poor!

Our Bad!

The company responded to the backlash by issuing this statement: “Forever 21 requires feedback and solution concerns really seriously. With regards to the T-shirts in question, soon after getting feedback we have taken quick action to have them removed from our internet site. We sincerely apologize to any individual who was offended by the products.”

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Forever 21 Ends Sales of Sexist T-Shirts, Apologizes
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