To several of her fans, Carrie Fisher may possibly forever be the interstellar princess who saved a galaxy far, far away. Ironically, Fisher may possibly be 1 of few celebrities who was really “down to Earth.” A daughter of Hollywood royalty, she held practically nothing back—not her split with her gay ex-husband, not her struggle with bipolar disorder or drug addiction. A towering queen of wit, Fisher thrilled the gay guys and girls in her life and set the regular for what an “ally” actually is.

In 2009, she shared her thoughts on gay life for Out’s “Can I Be Blunt?” section. Her charismatic ribbing of gay culture (“Not all of us share your enthusiasm for massive cocks”) shows the really like and laughter that, although satirized these days, underpins the unique bond between gay guys and straight women. Fisher didn’t want the Force to develop an alliance around her, whether here or light years away she was a force unto herself.

After her death, we acknowledge her mark on not just sci-fi, but also pop culture, and above all we celebrate a lady who was constantly willing to say exactly what necessary to be said.

Can I Be Blunt? Carrie Fisher

Out Magazine

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