Two white, straight, cisgender establishment politicians getting what is probably to be a civil discussion doesn’t usually make for a memorable debate. But Tuesday night’s head-to-head between Democratic Virginia senator Tim Kaine and intensely homophobic (not to mention misogynstic, transphobic, and xenophobic) Indiana governor Mike Pence is not component of a typical election. Kaine is, of course, operating alongside Hillary Clinton, even though Pence has hitched his wagon to roving Republican disaster Donald Trump.

Kaine is recognized as an affable center-left Democrat a committed Catholic who stands by marriage equality and reproductive rights he also supports stronger gun controls and renewable energy. And Pence? Properly, he signed into law a “religious freedom” bill (aka the “Turn Away the Gays” bill) just last year — legislation that legalized discrimination against LGBT folks until the governor was forced to “fix” discriminatory language in the legislation after intense scrutiny.

If moderator Elaine Quijano of CBS News doesn’t confront Pence on his stance regarding LGBT discrimination, Kaine need to. “If Indiana didn’t take such a large economic hit following you passed your ‘RFRA’ law, would you still have ‘fixed’ it?” would be a powerful query from Quijano. Kaine could be a lot more direct and say, “Hillary and I do not believe there is a legal appropriate to turn away an LGBT person from a organization, but my opponent and his operating mate do.”

Even though a lot of of us really feel like we can breathe simple now that marriage equality is now law, both Pence and Trump have promised to reverse last year’s Supreme Court selection. The twosome have vowed to place neo-con idealogues on the high court who will welcome a challenge to very same-sex marriage and undo what was done by a very narrow margin in 2015. Either Quijano or Kaine requirements to ask Pence if he’s comfortable putting LGBT households by means of that and what kind of message that sends to same-sex couples and their children. Could Pence appear a child straight in her face and tell her that her parents’ marriage is less than his? 

Speaking of hunting a person straight in the face, Pence have to be asked how he can justify operating alongside a single of the most divisive, xenophobic candidates this nation has ever produced. Does the Indiana governor assistance Trump’s descriptions of girls and minorities? Does he support his operating mate’s continued attacks on Rosie O’Donnell and Alicia Machado?

There are other concerns Pence need to answer to, which includes his history of transphobia (he’s becoming sued over an Indiana law that bans trans immigrants from getting proper government identification), racism (he refused to contact former Ku Klux Klan member and existing senate candidate David Duke “deplorable”), and Islamaphobia (he’s attempted to hold Syrian refugees out of Indiana but just lost a federal lawsuit that mentioned he was discriminating on the basis of nationality). What’s Pence’s resolution to the ills of not only urban African-Americans, but Latinos? Exactly where does he stand on policing and the Black Lives Matter movement? Pence could want to ignore these subjects, but Kaine and Quijano need to confront him.

“Donald Trump’s warped vision for America puts Mike Pence — the face of modern day discrimination — a heartbeat away from the presidency,” Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin mentioned in a statement. “Pence is nationally identified for targeting Hoosiers so they could be denied service because of who they are or whom they enjoy. We cannot permit Mike Pence and Donald Trump to ‘Take America Backward Again.’”

The debate, airing from Virginia’s Longwood University, starts at 9 p.m. ET/six p.m. PT. Verify back on to stream the debate live.

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