An additional lady has come out and accused Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual behavior.

This one particular is a bit much more notable than past accusers, even so, simply because she is an adult movie star.

Her name is Jessica Drake and she is the 11th person to make such allegations against the Republican nominee for President.

Donald Trump in Pennsylvania

Flanked by civil rights attorney Gloria Allred on Saturday afternoon, Drake spoke publicly about her claims against the Republican presidential candidate, telling reporters the following:

“Ten years ago, I was working for Wicked Photographs, an adult film company, at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

“I was at Wicked’s booth when I met Donald Trump in the celebrity gift area early in the morning ahead of he teed off. He flirted with me and invited me to walk along the golf course with him, which I did.

“During that time, he asked me for my phone quantity, which I gave to him. Later that evening, he invited me to his room.

I mentioned I didn’t really feel right going alone, so two other women came with me.”

Here is a photo of Jessica Drake, one particular of the few we can show uncensored on this web site:

Jessica Drake

Continued Drake:

“In the penthouse suite, I met Donald once more

“When we entered the room, he grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed every single one particular of us without having asking permission. He was wearing pajamas. A bodyguard was also present.

“He asked me about specifics on my job as an adult film star – about shooting porn, and he also asked us about our personal relationships and regardless of whether we had been married or single. We answered his inquiries. It felt like an interview.

“About 30 or 45 minutes later, we left his room.

Drake went on to allege that she returned to her bedroom… when she received a get in touch with from a man asking for her on Trump’s behalf.

“He stated Donald wanted me to come back upstairs to Donald’s suite,” she claims. “I indicated I did not want to return. Then Donald referred to as. He asked me to return to his suite and have dinner with him.

“He also invited me to a party I declined. Donald then asked me, ‘What do you want? How significantly?’ I told him that I couldn’t since I had to return to L.A. for function.

“I stated that as an excuse simply because I didn’t want him to continue asking me, and I didn’t want to be with him. Right after that, I received yet another get in touch with from either Donald, or a male calling on his behalf, offering me $ ten,000.

“I declined once more and as soon as far more gave, as an excuse, that I had to return to Los Angeles for function. I was then told Mr. Trump would enable me to use his private jet only if I accepted his private invitation”

Jessica Drake Picture

Concluded Drake:

“I did relay my experiences quickly afterwards to some buddies. Out of respect to the other parties involved and their families, I will not share their names, I am picking to share my private exchange in light of the not too long ago released tapes in order to lend my voice, my strength and my assistance to the other women who are coming forward.

“Collectively, his words and his actions are a enormous testament to his character, that of uncontrollable entitlement, misogyny and a sexual assault apologist. This is not acceptable behavior for any person, considerably much less a presidential candidate. I realize that in the situation I might be but a tiny grain of sand, but clearly this is an huge speech

“I am not hunting for monetary compensation. I do not want additional fame or the kind of consideration that this is positive to bring.

“I comprehend that I may possibly be known as a liar or an opportunist, but I will risk that in order to stand in solidarity with women who share comparable accounts that span numerous, a lot of years.”

We naturally cannot confirm Drake’s claim here.

But this is a picture of her and Trump at an occasion in Lake Tahoe in 2006:

Jessica Drake and Donald Trump

Drake’s harsh claim comes just two days soon after yoga instructor Karena Virginia stated Trump involuntarily grabbed her right arm and touched the inside of her breast during a 1998 encounter at the U.S. Open.

On the campaign trail nowadays in Pennsylvania, Trump told his supporters:

“Every lady lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. Total fabrication. The events in no way occurred. By no means. All of these liars will be sued soon after the election is more than.”

Why wait until then?

The Donald did not say.

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Jessica Drake, Adult Film Star, Accuses Donald Trump of Sexual Misconduct
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