The governor of Maine does not seem to have his shit together this week. After admitting to maintaining a creepy binder complete of drug dealers’ images earlier this week, Governor Paul LePage named a state legislator a “cocksucker” in what has to be 1 of the best political phone calls of the year. The less-than-politically-correct governor was pissed that Democratic State Representative Drew Gattine called him racist, which Gattine denies, and wanted to give him a piece of his thoughts. Sadly for LePage, the whole nation got to hear his tiny tirade.

According to The Portland Press Herald, which received a complete recording of the voicemail, LePage said Thursday: “Mr. Gattine, this is Governor Paul Richard LePage. I would like to talk to you about your comments about my getting a racist, you cocksucker. I want to talk to you. I want you to prove that I’m a racist. I’ve spent my life assisting black individuals and you small son-of-a-bitch, socialist cocksucker. You … I require you to, just friggin. I want you to record this and make it public because I am right after you. Thank you.”

Properly, whoever leaked it to the press (*cough* Gattine *cough*) was only carrying out what LePage asked. I mean, he explicitly said to record the voicemail and make it public, so he couldn’t possibly attempt to backtrack, right? Wrong.

The governor speedily apologized in a statement Friday, saying, “It produced me enormously angry when a Tv reporter asked me for my reaction about Gattine calling me a racist … So I known as Gattine and utilized the worst word I could believe of. I apologize for that to the men and women of Maine, but I make no apology for trying to finish the drug epidemic that is ravaging our state.” We’ll get to the drug dealers in a minute. 1st, Gattine claims he never referred to as LePage racist, but just stated that the governor has produced “racially charged comments,” but we all know that is basically the identical point.

Gattine told The Portland Press Herald, “Obviously that message is upsetting, inappropriate and uncalled for. It is hard to think it’s from the governor of the state of Maine, but again, we want to remain focused on the drug difficulty we are facing right here in Maine and can not allow this story to be about the governor’s inappropriate and vulgar behaviors.”

So, on to the drug dilemma. LePage revealed earlier this week he keeps a 3-ring binder full of pictures of drug dealers that he presumably flips via in his totally free time. According to him, “90+ % of those pictures in my book… are black and Hispanic from Waterbury, Connecticut, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.” Someone requirements to give LePage something to really do so he does not waste taxpayers’ money staring at these images for hours each and every day.

Jesus christ, this guy.

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Maine Governor Paul LePage Calls An additional Politician A “Cocksucker” In A Quite Eloquent Voicemail
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