Let’s face it, we’re all a little anxious often. Then once more, some of us are a small far more unbalanced than others—especially when it comes to dating a person new. If you’re one of those girls who loses it when a new boo comes into your life, this will speak to you…

1. When you’ve had a 1st date and you’re waiting for them to text you back, so all you do for hours is stare at this on your phone:

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two. When you go to the club with them for the first time and you are attempting to show off your drunk moves:

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three. When you lastly decide you genuinely like them and you spend a whole day on the telephone telling all of your close friends: 

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4. When you introduce your ideal friend to your new boo and she gives them the okay:

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five. And when your they’re telling your ideal pal about themselves and you are watching her pretend that she does not already know all of it:

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six. But then, bae takes you to a party with their friends and you get genuine weird about it: 

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7. … And get actually trashed which leads to some… Sexual mishaps.

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8. But they nonetheless seem to like you regardless of your drunken-mess status:

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9. So, you ultimately feel comfy adequate to open up to them:

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10. But that tends to make you even a lot more nervous:

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11. Because you’re positive that this is what they’re telling their friends about you afterwards:

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12. But then you recognize that you do not care, due to the fact you know you are just you and they’ll either deal with it or they’re not worth your time:

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And… Repeat!

Hold performing you, ladies! We’re all in this collectively.

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