It seems DNC staffers are huge on repartee and innuendo, eager to outdo a single another in an ongoing battle to be glib, snarky and frankly bizarre in their their day-to-day workplace practices.

That is judging by these decision bits culled from the most current Wikileaks e mail outpouring, compiled by RT for your viewing pleasure…

Right here, finance directors Jordan Kaplan and Zachary Allen inform 1 another “I love you,” before swiftly countering with a possibly-ironic “No homo”:


In yet another exchange, the irascible Kaplan finds himself in need of a hearty lunch — namely, “the salad with chicken asshole.” In his defense, he swam that morning. Hey, it tends to make a meal:


Then there’s Karina Marquez’s idea of an afternoon pick-me-up:


Later, Kaplan ponders the sexuality of a certain Doug Hathaway with coworker Scott Comer, saying Hathaway “totes” gives him “daddy vibes”:


Sounds like our type of workplace.

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“No Homo”: These #DNCLeaks Are Utterly Absurd And Surprisingly Gay
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