With Milo Episode, Bill Maher Crossed the Line

If it wasn’t poor adequate that Bill Maher gave gay troll Milo Yiannopoulos a huge forum by featuring him on his HBO show, the straight Television host believed it suitable to contact him a “fag” during the interview.

As an editor at alt-appropriate site Breitbart, Yiannopoulos has worked to generate a cottage industry on insulting women, transgender folks, and racial minorities his horrific therapy of Ghostbusters and Saturday Evening Live star Leslie Jones got him banned from Twtter last year. Understanding how incendiary he is, Yiannopoulos attempts to get booked on college campuses — typically by the universities’ Republican groups — being aware of it will incite the student body. His recent bookings have accomplished just that a riot broke out at the University of California, Berkeley final month as angry students worked to quash the appearance.

When Maher announced he was booking Yiannopoulos on True Time With Bill Maher, author Jeremy Scahill pulled out of his appearance on the very same episode, claiming Yiannopoulos incites violence for publicity.

So, on Friday’s show, both Maher and Yiannopoulos trashed Scahill, with Maher saying, “Quit taking the bait, liberals. The fact that they all freaked out about this tiny impish British fag.”

Maher tends to make a massive deal on the episode about the value of humor, but joking that a man can not be destructive and unsafe since he’s gay is a bit much. In a statement about the episode, Maher had stated decisions like Scahill’s have been the cause Democrats lost elections. This is related to the argument some made after the election, slamming Hillary Clinton for embracing “identity politics” basically, shaming her for reaching out to minority groups like transgender or handicapped men and women.

On top of Maher’s shameful option of words, he introduced him like he was a Hollywood celebrity joking and virtually flirting with him like he was getting George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, or some innocuous actor on his show. 

In the 11-minute interview, Yiannopoulos was his usual horrendous self, insulting practically every woman that came up in conversation and claiming “mean words on the Internet don’t hurt anybody” (truly?). Take a look at this misogynistic display of hubris and privilege below, but reserve time for a shower after.


How to Make Your Man Far better at Going Down on You

Ladies, if you adore oral sex, raise your hands. I’m positive a ton of hands went up. I imply, who doesn’t? In most instances, the only way a lady doesn’t enjoy oral is if she’s not acquiring it done correctly. Hell, that would make all of us hate it.

The worst factor ever is negative oral. If you want that oral sex could be just a liiitle bit much better, and are getting problems showing your lover how to do you appropriately, there are a lot of suggestions to give your man if they are not carrying out it correct. Here are some.


If you love receiving head from your guy and it is not up to par, don’t be shy to inform him. Keep in mind, they’re down there to please you. Help him support you feel great. Be upfront and extremely certain about what you like and don’t like.

Warm Up

couple kissing
CREDIT: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Foreplay is the warm up ahead of the massive hoorah. Just before he heads down south, warm his tongue up. Deep kissing and licking will definitely do the job and get his tongue ready for the actual action.

Take It Simple

One thing guys do wrong is dive straight in. Encourage him to start off slowly before going crazy. Let him know that he has to construct up the suspense. Have him kiss you by means of your panties or tease you with his tongue until you are begging for it.

Work It

woman having an orgasm
CREDIT: PhotoMediaGroup/Shutterstock

Just because you’re on your back doesn’t mean you’re prohibited from motion. Although he’s going to town, move your body. Grab his head as you roll, grind, or hump his mouth. With that handle, you can guide him to the right places. This will make the each of you hornier and wanting far more.

Use Fingers

Adding fingers to the equation often gets the job carried out. If you want him to hit your G-spot, make sure he does the “come hither” motion with his finger.

Cost-free His Hands

Man groping woman's breasts
CREDIT: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Even though he’s down there, let his hands roam your physique, or far better yet, guide them exactly where you want them to go. Whether it’s grabbing your neck, rubbing your breasts, stimulating your nipples, let him do it all.

Grab Your Pillow

I’m not talking about clenching it. I’m speaking about putting it below your butt to prop your vagina up into his mouth. And if you like his fingers inside of you although he’s down there, this will give him better access to your G-spot.

Add Toys

Woman holding pink vibrator in bed
CREDIT: bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock

Just like fingers, toys can be fantastic help when getting head. Vibes or clitoral stimulators can perform. To make it hot, spot a clitoral stimulator on your clitoris while he’s licking low.

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Kellyanne Conway will not answer your query

How does Kellyanne Conway manage to deflect all the inquiries? Let us count the techniques.

Associated: Kellyanne Conway says it is none of anyone’s enterprise exactly where absentee 1st Lady Melania Trump lives

This crazed supercut, courtesy of Super Deluxe, pivots on the several techniques Trump’s counsellor has discovered to definitively, unswervingly, and demonstrably not answer what ever question is hurdled her way.

Connected: Kellyanne’s most recent humiliating interview will nearly make you really feel bad for her. Almost.

And it is rather awe-inspiring, truly.



Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: It’s Over! Again! Perhaps for Great This Time!

In news that is just about as stunning as Donald Trump blasting the media as becoming fake and terrible and biased, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have broken up.

Yes, again.

Will the break-up stick this time about?

Blac Chyna: Check Out This Butt

There’s no way to possibly answer that query, because any answer would imply that you think this romance was ever real to commence with.

But let’s just go ahead and play along with what the reality stars want us to believe, okay? Right here we go…

What drove Blac Chyna and Rob apart in this most current case?

No media outlet can say for specific, but an insider tells Men and women Magazine that the romantic dissolution is not new.

“They split a whilst ago. The wedding plans are off,” a source close to Kardashian tells this publication, adding:

“They are each trying to be mature about it. It was less dramatic this time.”

This would at least explain why Blac Chyna was spotted out with a random Patriots fan earlier this month.

It would also clarify why Chyna shared a bunch of cute pictures of her and her youngsters a couple weeks ago, with Rob notoriously absent from the images.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Celebrate Renewal

The stars went public with their connection in January 2016.

The spectacular romance didn’t just take the public surprise, but also members of Rob’s family, think about Chyna has extended feuded with Kylie Jenner due to her partnership with Tyga.

(Tyga is the father of Blac Chyna’s son, King Cairo.)

Chyna is also excellent buddies with Amber Rose, an ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, who is now married to Rob’s sister Kim Kardashian.

It is all very confusing, we know.

Handful of took the pair seriously, assuming they had been only appearing with each other for publicity, but then Rob proposed to Chyna in April 2016, and, a month later, they announced they were expecting their 1st kid.

The two welcomed their daughter in November. 

She’s genuinely cute:

Dream Kardashian One Month Old

But the two fought as considerably as they created out, actually starring in an E! reality series that essentially just featured one particular monumental argument soon after yet another.

The last time we reported on their alleged break-up was in early January… so it is been over a month of quiet, assumed bliss amongst the tandem.

That could be a new record!

“Rob thinks it is the correct selection,” a source tells Us Weekly of this split.

“Chyna has disappeared for days at a time with no communicating or supplying any updates. This won’t finish well.”

A second insiders says confirms to this tabloid that the two have been at odds because late December.

At that time, Chyna grabbed all of her belongings, cleaned out the nursery and left with their child girl.

Or so the stars wanted us to believe… mere days later, Rob was the one apologizing and they have been posing collectively on New Year’s Eve.

Damon thomas

Kardashian Breakups and Makeups: A Romantic Rewind

Commence Gallery

“[It is the same] with her yelling and screaming about how his family does not like or help her, and his insecurities,” writes Us Weekly.

The social media accounts of both stars have been bereft of the other a single for weeks now.

So this break-up actually might be for true.


We know there’s a baby girl now at the center of all this madness and we would love it if she had been raised in a stable-two parent household of course.

Blac chyna and rob kardashian

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian: Their Relationship In 15 Photos

Begin Gallery

But that was never ever on the table for Rob and Chyna.

Greater they go their separate methods now and spare the poor child the ongoing trauma of living with two focus-starved, funds-hungry maniacs, would not you say?

Let’s just hope she does not want also considerably therapy down the line and let’s also hope this split doesn’t lead to Rob to consume his weight in Twinkies or something like that.

Be careful, dude.

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Moments You’ll Entirely Connect to If You’re an Anxious Dater

Let’s face it, we’re all a little anxious often. Then once more, some of us are a small far more unbalanced than others—especially when it comes to dating a person new. If you’re one of those girls who loses it when a new boo comes into your life, this will speak to you…

1. When you’ve had a 1st date and you’re waiting for them to text you back, so all you do for hours is stare at this on your phone:

Dot GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

two. When you go to the club with them for the first time and you are attempting to show off your drunk moves:

Beyonce GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

three. When you lastly decide you genuinely like them and you spend a whole day on the telephone telling all of your close friends: 

Giphy Originals GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

4. When you introduce your ideal friend to your new boo and she gives them the okay:

Shinee GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

five. And when your they’re telling your ideal pal about themselves and you are watching her pretend that she does not already know all of it:

Nine To Five GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

six. But then, bae takes you to a party with their friends and you get genuine weird about it: 

Friends GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

7. … And get actually trashed which leads to some… Sexual mishaps.

Couple GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

8. But they nonetheless seem to like you regardless of your drunken-mess status:

Sag Awards GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

9. So, you ultimately feel comfy adequate to open up to them:

Giphy Studios Originals GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

10. But that tends to make you even a lot more nervous:

Kehlani GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

11. Because you’re positive that this is what they’re telling their friends about you afterwards:

Vh1 GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

12. But then you recognize that you do not care, due to the fact you know you are just you and they’ll either deal with it or they’re not worth your time:

Self Love GIF - Find &amp Share on GIPHY

And… Repeat!

Hold performing you, ladies! We’re all in this collectively.

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Cristiano Ronaldo offers the individuals what they want

Now in its 7th season, Cristiano Ronaldo‘s underwear collection CR7 is taking a turn towards all issues tropical and toucan-toned.

“I enjoy summer,” he mentioned at the launch, “so wanted the campaign to have a bright, vibrant, tropical feel.”

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“The shoot was a lot of entertaining,” he says. “We didn’t take it too seriously.”

But did he take it seriously when starring in this bizarre, Black Mirror-esque Japanese industrial for a terroristic facial massager?

But we digress. Onto the underwear: 


Sasha Obama wasn’t at her father’s farewell speech since she has a black mama

Sasha Obama was noticeably absent from her father’s farewell presidential address. “Where’s Sasha?” was the question that rung out from each corner of the World wide web. Sasha wasn’t in attendance for one particular cause, and one particular explanation alone: Her parents are black.

Tears hadn’t hit numerous of us until President Obama turned to his household, “Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, a girl from the South Side,” he said seeking at his gorgeous, gracious wife. “For the past 25 years, you have not only been my wife, the mother of my kids, you have been my very best buddy.” Then it was Malia Obama and Sasha’s turn. “Under the strangest of circumstances you have grow to be two remarkable young ladies,” Obama stated. “You are wise and you are stunning. But more importantly, you are sort and you are thoughtful and you are complete of passion. And you wore the burden of years in the spotlight so simply. Of all that I have accomplished in my life, I am most proud to be your dad.”

Malia Obama couldn’t aid the tears from flowing. Whether the moment was an emotional one for Sasha, we’ll in no way know because Sasha was missing from that front row seat subsequent to her mom, sister and grandmother.

A White Property official confirmed that Sasha stayed in Washington while her father delivered his farewell speech in Chicago because the 15-year-old had an exam Wednesday morning. The youngest Obama daughter attends Sidwell Friends, a highly selective school. The school’s site states travel is not a sufficient explanation to reschedule exams.

Any other parents would’ve thought the president’s farewell speech an adequate explanation to reschedule the exam. Not black parents although. You gon’ get this education in a black household, even if that household is the White House. You have an exam in the morning? Oh, you going to school come hell or high water. Our president’s farewell speech or not.

Sasha: Mom, I can reschedule the exam. My teacher said she understands and will excuse me.

Michelle: Oh, you consider you obtaining unique therapy since of ya daddy? Girl, you gon’ stay here, study and take your exam like everybody else.

Sasha: But Malia will be there. It is not fair. I want to see dad say his goodbyes.

Michelle: Girl, that speech will be on the web for the rest of your life. It is an hour. You wanna fly all the way to Chicago for him to say the very same issues you have heard for the final eight years? No. You’ll be aight.

Sasha: Ugh. I…

Michelle: Who are you talking to like that? You greater check your attitude.

Sasha: Dad, mom won’t let me come to the farewell speech. Please talk to her.

Obama: You betta listen to your mama, small girl.

At least that is how I picture the conversation went down. It could’ve been Sasha’s concept to keep back for her exam. But all indicators lead to black parenting.

One of the ideal issues to watch about this particular Very first Loved ones is how Michelle and Barack Obama committed themselves to raising well-rounded, grounded youngsters who do not stroll about with any type of entitlement because their daddy is president.

This 1st Family has escaped the White House with zero scandals. They’ve handled each bit of criticism and racism with grace and class. And raised two seemingly effectively-adjusted young ladies. We will not see one more family like them ever again. I’m pleased to have witnessed it in my lifetime.

Hopefully Sasha passed her exam. And 1 time for the road — My president is black.

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Capable to do no incorrect, Billy Eichner partners with James Corden for ‘Curbside Conga Line’

It is beginning to feel like Billy Eichner is one particular of the quite couple of issues in life keeping us from plunging into full and utter despair a trend that continues with his most current Billy on the Street vignette.

Related: Billy Eichner just had an epic Twitter throwdown with Meghan McCain over Streep speech

Teaming up with James Corden, Eichner terrorizes unsuspecting New York bystanders — tickling, chastising, and congaing them into dazed, delirious submission, armed with only a Deadpool mask and a handful of maracas.



David Bowie Remembered: One Year Later…

Following a brave battle with cancer, David Bowie died on Sunday night, January 10, 2016.

In the wake of the legendary’s artist’s passing, a quantity of celebrities from across all industries have taken to social media in order to mourn Bowie.

All this time later, here’s a look at what they stated:

1. Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

I just lost a hero. RIP David Bowie.

2. Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

RIP David . I loved your music. I loved you. 1 of the greatest functionality artists to have ever lived. #sorrow

3. Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

Deeply saddened to hear of David Bowie’s passing. What an artist, an inspiration. I’d like to feel the lights shone vibrant for him tonight

4. Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth

I am floating in a most peculiar way the stars appear quite diverse today… Oh, various colored-eyed companion, #RIP brilliant a single.

5. Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama

So sad.. #DavidBowie was &amp will constantly be ART that lives on forever.. Fearless &amp unapologetic.. #RIPDavidBowie

six. Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

Rest in peace David Bowie.

Wait! There’s much more David Bowie: Mourned, Remembered by Stars in Hollywood! Just click “Next” below:

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Is LGBT-Friendly GOP Senator Susan Collins No Longer an Ally?

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has extended been one particular of the few Republicans who could be regarded as an LGBT ally. She’s also pro-selection and has taken many other moderate-to-liberal stances.

But now Collins is a leading cheerleader for one of her most appropriate-wing colleagues, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, whom Donald Trump has nominated to be attorney common.

“He’s a decent individual with a strong commitment to the rule of law. He’s a leader of integrity,” Collins told The Washington Post. “I believe the attacks against him are not effectively-founded and are unfair.” Collins will even introduce Sessions at his confirmation hearing ahead of the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, a activity that normally goes to an individual from the nominee’s residence state, and will supply “a complete-throated endorsement for his nomination as lawyer common,” the Post reports.

So progressives can not count on Collins to join the Senate’s Democratic minority to block Session’s appointment — and this action raises the question of how significantly she can be counted on to stand up to other excesses of the incoming administration.

Despite her support for Sessions, her policy positions are diametrically opposed to his. She has consistently scored in the 80s on the Human Rights Campaign’s Congressional Scorecard, a measure of where members of Congress stand on LGBT concerns, although Sessions has racked up mainly zeroes.

She supports marriage equality, despite the fact that she did not do so publicly until 2014, when she was getting challenged in her reelection race by Democrat Shenna Bellows, a longtime marriage equality activist. Collins won reelection, generating her the 1st Republican senator to achieve this soon after having endorsed equal marriage rights. Sessions is a staunch opponent of marriage equality and LGBT rights in basic.

Collins stated she would not vote for Trump. Sessions was the initial senator to endorse his presidential bid.

Sessions has also been accused of being a racist. When he was nominated for a federal judgeship in 1986 — he was then a U.S. attorney in Alabama — the Senate rejected him as also intense. Former colleagues stated he utilised the n word and had no difficulty with the Ku Klux Klan until he discovered that some members smoked marijuana. He has even referred to as the NAACP “un-American.”

“I do not know the dynamics of what happened then, but I can speak to Jeff’s character in the 20 years that I’ve known him,” Collins told the Post in regard to the Senate’s rejection of Sessions for the judgeship.

Offered that he has the support of moderate Republicans and that even some Democrats like him personally, Sessions seems poised to win confirmation. But Democratic senators such as Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Jack Reed of Rhode Island have vowed to scrutinize his record.

And the record, not individual relationships, ought to be the Senate’s focus, said Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. “You must be sitting in that area ready to find out about this person, who you may possibly have observed operating next to you on the treadmill in the Senate health club, who you may possibly have had lunch with, whose family you could even know, but whose record as it relates to the crucial problem of civil rights you may possibly not know,” she said in a Friday conference call, according to the Post.