The very first debate of the basic election season is now history, but a lot went down Monday evening, on-stage, off-stage, and just before and right after the debate, which you either didn’t see or notice. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump traded blows on tax plans, Trump’s lack of publicly released tax returns, ISIS, racial healing, policing, jobs, and sexism. Certain, it was a total shit-storm, but all in all, a pretty predictable one particular. The intriguing stuff lies in what went on behind the scenes at the presidential debate.

Who won, you ask? Many are saying Clinton, who remained calm, stated policy concepts, and hit Trump where the media’s gone comparatively easy (on his shady tax evasions and organization practices, for instance). Trump is saying Trump won, Rudy Giuliani is sweaty and angry, and it’s to be noticed whether or not final evening will have an effect on polling in any way. But till we know, content yourself with exploring what went into the debate, what happened afterward, and what it’s totally feasible you missed although watching.

There have been no bathroom breaks, some suspect Trump was snorting coke all through (Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and Howard Dean all think it is completely attainable), and here’s everything else you might or may possibly not have noticed.

How Clinton prepares…

…By posting pictures of herself sporting cool shades on social media. Very same.

Clinton’s cheerleader wasn’t in attendance, but he was watching

Tensions from the get-go

Whoever that lady is, I do not blame her for becoming fussy. It was a tense night for all of us.

In case you missed that on-stage snark…

Clinton, essentially: “Winning temperament my ass.”

And all the times you may or may possibly not have noticed Trump interrupting Clinton and cutting into precious speaking time

In case you lost count, that video alone features 11 interruptions. And here’s even much more which you could have missed, just 26 minutes into the debate:

Trump’s pattern of interruption certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

Mike Pence, undertaking his issue

Stay tuned for the vice presidential debates, coming Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Eric Trump can’t do art

Hey, Rudy Giuliani, is Trump a feminist?

Fox News’ Sean Hannity supplying Trump solace after being thoroughly beat by a girl

Or perhaps possessing an additional secret conversation about the Iraq War, in which Trump secretly confides in Hannity about his disapproval.

Chelsea Clinton revealed who she thinks won the debate

Wherein Governor Andrew Cuomo and Clinton appear deeply into every single other’s eyes

An following-celebration for 3

Can you imagine how smug these three will be, if/when she wins the election?

That one particular audience member watching from house who was actually all of us last evening

Till next time!

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Presidential debate behind the scenes: Here’s the hot mess you didn’t see
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