We have a name, people.

The Chicago lady who was recorded going on racist tirade against two black staff at a Michaels shop more than a $ 1 bag and another homophobic rant against a barista at a coffee shop in Boystown more than a bottle of water has been identified. Social media sleuths have ID’d her as Jennifer Boyle.

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According to the bigoted brunette’s now-deleted LinkedIn profile, she attended DePaul University and, ironically, employed to perform in Human Sources at Sinai Health Technique:


1 commenter on the site You_Twitter claims to have worked with Boyle, describing her as “batsh*t, racist, crazy”:

She is just as nuts in person as this video depicts. From a legal viewpoint, I am not positive what I am or am not allowed to say but I will leave it at this. Everybody was pleased when they identified out she was no longer welcome back.

An additional person claiming to be a former co-worker echoed that sentiment:

When I worked at Sinai, I was her conduit for all of her mental anguish. On my last day, I warned everyone that was at my going away outing to be cautious about her and that she was mentally unstable. Soon after I left, she unleashed on everybody inside the division. Even although “I told you so”s really feel good for a moment, this is unprecedented.

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Sinai Wellness System was swift to distance itself from the deplorable, posting on Facebook that Boyle stopped operating there prior to the Michael’s incident and assuring people that “her views in no way represent those of our organization.”

It is unclear where or if Boyle is employed today.

Now, let’s take a appear at how folks on Twitter are responding…


Racist, Homophobic Crafter Lady Has Been Identified And Twitter’s Getting A Field Day
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