Sasha Obama was noticeably absent from her father’s farewell presidential address. “Where’s Sasha?” was the question that rung out from each corner of the World wide web. Sasha wasn’t in attendance for one particular cause, and one particular explanation alone: Her parents are black.

Tears hadn’t hit numerous of us until President Obama turned to his household, “Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, a girl from the South Side,” he said seeking at his gorgeous, gracious wife. “For the past 25 years, you have not only been my wife, the mother of my kids, you have been my very best buddy.” Then it was Malia Obama and Sasha’s turn. “Under the strangest of circumstances you have grow to be two remarkable young ladies,” Obama stated. “You are wise and you are stunning. But more importantly, you are sort and you are thoughtful and you are complete of passion. And you wore the burden of years in the spotlight so simply. Of all that I have accomplished in my life, I am most proud to be your dad.”

Malia Obama couldn’t aid the tears from flowing. Whether the moment was an emotional one for Sasha, we’ll in no way know because Sasha was missing from that front row seat subsequent to her mom, sister and grandmother.

A White Property official confirmed that Sasha stayed in Washington while her father delivered his farewell speech in Chicago because the 15-year-old had an exam Wednesday morning. The youngest Obama daughter attends Sidwell Friends, a highly selective school. The school’s site states travel is not a sufficient explanation to reschedule exams.

Any other parents would’ve thought the president’s farewell speech an adequate explanation to reschedule the exam. Not black parents although. You gon’ get this education in a black household, even if that household is the White House. You have an exam in the morning? Oh, you going to school come hell or high water. Our president’s farewell speech or not.

Sasha: Mom, I can reschedule the exam. My teacher said she understands and will excuse me.

Michelle: Oh, you consider you obtaining unique therapy since of ya daddy? Girl, you gon’ stay here, study and take your exam like everybody else.

Sasha: But Malia will be there. It is not fair. I want to see dad say his goodbyes.

Michelle: Girl, that speech will be on the web for the rest of your life. It is an hour. You wanna fly all the way to Chicago for him to say the very same issues you have heard for the final eight years? No. You’ll be aight.

Sasha: Ugh. I…

Michelle: Who are you talking to like that? You greater check your attitude.

Sasha: Dad, mom won’t let me come to the farewell speech. Please talk to her.

Obama: You betta listen to your mama, small girl.

At least that is how I picture the conversation went down. It could’ve been Sasha’s concept to keep back for her exam. But all indicators lead to black parenting.

One of the ideal issues to watch about this particular Very first Loved ones is how Michelle and Barack Obama committed themselves to raising well-rounded, grounded youngsters who do not stroll about with any type of entitlement because their daddy is president.

This 1st Family has escaped the White House with zero scandals. They’ve handled each bit of criticism and racism with grace and class. And raised two seemingly effectively-adjusted young ladies. We will not see one more family like them ever again. I’m pleased to have witnessed it in my lifetime.

Hopefully Sasha passed her exam. And 1 time for the road — My president is black.

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Sasha Obama wasn’t at her father’s farewell speech since she has a black mama
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