Whilst several have been dreaming of a white Christmas, a single group of hilarious black comedians went door to door to spread a different vision of Christmas. Putting their own ingenious twist on all the classics, they sang songs such as “O Small Town of Ferguson,” O Kaepernick O Kaepernick,” and “Prison Cells” to upper-middle class white folks with varying levels of appreciation and discomfort.

“Away in a prison far from his birthplace/The refugee Jesús awaits his court date,” they sing. “Chased out from his homeland by violence and war/Will they send Jesús back to El Salvador?”

Although some of the carolees clap and laugh and seem to enjoy the messages, not all do. The video ends on a down note when a lady shuts the complete factor down, saying that Christmas is “not about sharing political beliefs.” I guess we’re just going to have to sing these songs till that stops being the response. Watch the complete hilarious video below:


Watch These Black Comedians Sing Woke Carols in White Suburbia
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