If it wasn’t poor adequate that Bill Maher gave gay troll Milo Yiannopoulos a huge forum by featuring him on his HBO show, the straight Television host believed it suitable to contact him a “fag” during the interview.

As an editor at alt-appropriate site Breitbart, Yiannopoulos has worked to generate a cottage industry on insulting women, transgender folks, and racial minorities his horrific therapy of Ghostbusters and Saturday Evening Live star Leslie Jones got him banned from Twtter last year. Understanding how incendiary he is, Yiannopoulos attempts to get booked on college campuses — typically by the universities’ Republican groups — being aware of it will incite the student body. His recent bookings have accomplished just that a riot broke out at the University of California, Berkeley final month as angry students worked to quash the appearance.

When Maher announced he was booking Yiannopoulos on True Time With Bill Maher, author Jeremy Scahill pulled out of his appearance on the very same episode, claiming Yiannopoulos incites violence for publicity.

So, on Friday’s show, both Maher and Yiannopoulos trashed Scahill, with Maher saying, “Quit taking the bait, liberals. The fact that they all freaked out about this tiny impish British fag.”

Maher tends to make a massive deal on the episode about the value of humor, but joking that a man can not be destructive and unsafe since he’s gay is a bit much. In a statement about the episode, Maher had stated decisions like Scahill’s have been the cause Democrats lost elections. This is related to the argument some made after the election, slamming Hillary Clinton for embracing “identity politics” basically, shaming her for reaching out to minority groups like transgender or handicapped men and women.

On top of Maher’s shameful option of words, he introduced him like he was a Hollywood celebrity joking and virtually flirting with him like he was getting George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, or some innocuous actor on his show. 

In the 11-minute interview, Yiannopoulos was his usual horrendous self, insulting practically every woman that came up in conversation and claiming “mean words on the Internet don’t hurt anybody” (truly?). Take a look at this misogynistic display of hubris and privilege below, but reserve time for a shower after.


With Milo Episode, Bill Maher Crossed the Line
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